More than 600 new Texas laws went into effect on 9/1/13

More than 600 new laws went into effect in Texas on 9/1/13. I’ll take a few moments to discuss a few of the new laws:

Switchblades have been illegal in Texas since the 1950’s. Switchblades have been consider an illegal weapon and were punished a class A misdemeanors. Switch blades are no longer illegal in Texas.

Drones: it is no a class C misdemeanor to use an “unmanned vehicle or aircraft to take photos or videos of people or private property without permission.”

Drug TestsĀ for Individuals Seeking Unemployment Benefits: Some Texans seeking unemployment benefits will be required to take a drug test. People who refuse or fail won’t receive any benefits until they pass a drug test.

Firearms: Many new firearm laws were changed. The biggest change involves concealed handgun license. The new law reduces the minimum number of required classroom training for an original and renewal CHL’s from 10-15 hours to 4-6 hours. In addition. renewal application can be submitted on the internet.

There are just a few of the many recent changes in Texas law. If you have any questions about a legal matter please call the Law Office of G. Thayer Williamson. I am a licensed attorney in Dallas Texas. I practice all over North Texas. My main areas of practice are criminal defense and family law.

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A former Assistant District Attorney for the Dallas District Attorney's Office, Mr. Williamson is now putting his prosecutorial expertise to work in family law cases and representing individuals who have been accused of committing a crime. Mr. Williamson is also a former municipal judge and magistrate. In 2005, Mr. Williamson was nominated by his peers in Texas Monthly as Super Lawyer Rising Star.
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